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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021.

11/11/21Herring GullHaddon's Pits2J Myers
04/11/21Herring GullHaddon's Pits3J Myers
28/10/21Herring GullHaddon's Pits4J Myers
17/09/21Herring GullShepherd's Chine3000P Campbell
Minimum on the sea with other gull species over two presumed schoolbass shoals. Also an extra 1000 min. on the beach East of the Chine. Sightings with AB.  
07/09/21Herring GullSt. Catherine's Point3000G A Heath
C.3000 o/s towards Blackgang. [SCP].  
07/09/21Herring GullCowes parade10D J Hunnybun
23/08/21Herring GullSt. Catherine's Point1000G A Heath
C.1000 on the sea towards Blackgang. [SCP].  
23/08/21Herring GullTennyson Down250G Hadden
Mainly adults and juvs, on the ground feeding on presumably ants.  
11/08/21Herring GullSt. Catherine's Point3000G A Heath
C.3000 on the sea towards Blackgang. [SCP].  
04/08/21Herring GullWatergate Road/ Nunnery Lane150S Thompson
Flock of about 150 feeding of newly hatched flying ants. 3 resident Buzzards very confused. SZ496873.  
01/05/21Herring GullSt. Catherine's Point500G A Heath
o/s. [SCP].  
09/02/21Herring GullCranmore1R Pearson
Feeding on the grass with the Stock Doves and eating sunflower seeds! Have never seen this before. SZ394896.