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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021.

08/09/21OspreyThorness Bay1A P Twyman
Hovered briefly over the bay then flew SW.  
31/08/21OspreyNewtown Harbour1D Buckler
Sitting on Bank opposite hides. Also wild guess at 1000 swallows in harbour.  
20/08/21OspreyVentnor1G A Heath
Flew high SW @ 12:41.  
20/08/21OspreySt. Catherine's Point1G A Heath
South @ 08:35. [SCP].  
19/08/21OspreyBrading Marsh1M Buckley
Flying over the river at the north end of the Marsh, but lost to view behind trees and not seen again in the next half hour. As this morning's bird was flying strongly and high, directly south, this was probably a different individual. [RSPB Reserve].  
19/08/21OspreySandown Airport1M Buckley
Heading south, quite high over the airport.  
19/07/21OspreyVentnor1G A Heath
Flew West @ 12:28.  
23/06/21OspreyShanklin1J P Dobinson
One mobbed by Gulls over town.  
19/06/21OspreySnowdrop Lane, Gatcombe.1S Carter
Bird flew over, very white under wings, with black 'strip's in middle of wing pattern, buzzard then flew by. So using internet, best wing pattern is for an Osprey. Now confirmed by later sighting in Shanklin. SZ483850.  
17/05/21OspreyUpper Ventnor1N Newnham
Being mobbed by Herring Gulls low above my house,few west towards Stenbury Down.  
25/04/21OspreyBrading Marsh1C Meaney
At 10:06 it flew up the valley from Sandown direction. Circled the river a couple of times (high up) and then headed NW towards Hill fm direction, and out of sight. [RSPB Reserve].  
29/03/21OspreyBrading Marsh1D Wooldridge
circling marsh mid afternoon ( P. Gaylor). [RSPB Reserve].  
23/03/21OspreyCranmore1R Pearson
Drifting quite low across the garden. Fabulous views. Spooked by a low helicopter and drifted off towards Newtown Estuary. SZ394896.