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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021.

13/07/21Purple HeronBembridge ponds1E Hendy
Not 100 percent sure.  
04/07/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1C Dinsdale
Seen twice in flight from footpath to lagoons. [RSPB Reserve].  
13/06/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1J Backwell
Viewed from Laundry Lane. Flew up from reeds opposite Great Marsh entrance, flew north along the Yar before landing on reserve towards Bembridge Lagoon. [RSPB Reserve].  
09/06/21Purple HeronLaundry Lane1A Ferreira
Seen again today. [Brading RSPB].  
06/06/21Purple HeronLaundry Lane1S Thompson
Flew towards Bembridge Lagoon. [Brading RSPB].  
02/06/21Purple HeronLaundry Lane1O Crabbe
Thanks to the guy with the dog the other day who told me where to look, flying north towards st Helens viewed from end of the lane where cars park. Neck fully out when flying. [Brading RSPB].  
31/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1K Vine
Finally! Pointed out by my dad as it came up from the reeds and relieved itself. Same time as warden reported it but we were further up the lane and nearly missed it. [RSPB Reserve].  
31/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1C Meaney
Flushed from beside the river by an Eagle. Circled overhead for a while & when it came in to land again a Grey Heron flew at it and chased it off twice. Eventually the Grey Heron gave up. [RSPB Reserve].  
30/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1N Newnham
Briefly,dropped into a ditch west of the river. [RSPB Reserve].  
29/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1A Brown
Flew from Bexley point area towards St. Helens road bridge. [RSPB Reserve].  
23/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1J Barker
Seen in flight towards the new bridge on the great marsh. [RSPB Reserve].  
19/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1S Thompson
Over Bembridge ponds and reeds. Seen with KB. [RSPB Reserve].  
19/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1A Brown
Still present. [RSPB Reserve].  
18/05/21Purple HeronLaundry Lane1A P Twyman
In full view on the grass next to reed bed along ditch just SE of car park. Flew into reeds out of sight after a couple of minutes. With DBH. [Brading RSPB].  
17/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1P Campbell
Saw it land in an area of rushes and sedge just West of "Visitor Centre" reeds, Culver side of the pool. Got intermittent views of it stalking about, mixed in with cattle at times until 1320 when it flew a short distance nearer to the Bishops House and dropped into reeds. Three Hobbys during this two hour period. 'scoped from Culver, it was never visible to anyone on Laundry lane. [RSPB Reserve].  
16/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1J Barker
[RSPB Reserve].  
15/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1S Bird
seen approximately at 12.25 with another birdwatcher. SZ608850. [RSPB Reserve].  
07/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1C Meaney
Seen in flight 3× between 16:50 & 19:00 to the east of Laundry Lane (with warden). [RSPB Reserve].  
02/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1N Newnham
Flew around the marsh and dropped into oxbow lake,seen with CD and PJ at the road bridge again. [RSPB Reserve].  
01/05/21Purple HeronBrading Marsh1M Buckley
Seen at 08.00 with ABr, flying east of Bexley Point but against the light, therefore no plumage details were seen but the strikingly long and thin neck and head were held extended for the entire time, and we were fairly sure it was Purple and not Grey. Soon dropped down into the reed bed. RPA saw it again in good light at 10.05, flying briefly in the same area before it, again, dropped into the reed bed, and he confirmed the ID. [RSPB Reserve].