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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021.

16/11/21WoodpigeonSt. Catherine's Point600G A Heath
Over. [SCP].  
14/11/21WoodpigeonSt. Catherine's Point400G A Heath
Over. [SCP].  
11/11/21WoodpigeonHaddon's Pits3J Myers
08/11/21WoodpigeonSt. Catherine's Point700G A Heath
Over. [SCP].  
06/11/21WoodpigeonShanklin Cliff90K Vine
South. SZ586816.  
05/11/21WoodpigeonSt. Catherine's Point2000G A Heath
Most flew South. [SCP].  
05/11/21WoodpigeonShanklin Cliff50K Vine
South. SZ586816.  
04/11/21WoodpigeonSt. Catherine's Point2000G A Heath
Over. [SCP].  
04/11/21WoodpigeonGore Cliff1560M Buckley
04/11/21WoodpigeonHaddon's Pits3J Myers
03/11/21WoodpigeonSt. Catherine's Point2500G A Heath
Over. [SCP].  
02/11/21WoodpigeonLuccombe Down1654J M Sparshott
West or South West. Largest flock c400. [Ventnor Downs NT].  
02/11/21WoodpigeonSt. Catherine's Point1200G A Heath
C.1200 over. In all directions making estimating more difficult. [SCP].  
01/11/21WoodpigeonSt. Catherine's Point250G A Heath
C.250 over. [SCP].  
28/10/21WoodpigeonHaddon's Pits6J Myers
15/10/21WoodpigeonSt. Catherine's Point75G A Heath
C.75 over. [SCP].  
14/10/21WoodpigeonWhitwell100G A Heath
C.100 over (flock).  
14/10/21WoodpigeonSt. Catherine's Point50G A Heath
C.50 over. [SCP].  
24/07/21WoodpigeonBinstead2F Josephs
We noticed two Wood Pigeons collecting nesting material in our garden about 10 days ago. They are now sat on a nest in a Wisteria and rose bush only 12 feet from our patio.