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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021.

23/11/21Cattle EgretLaundry Lane11D B Hale
On the E. side of the Lane, another group flew over so more that 16 in total. Thought to be the group roosting at Newtown recently. [Brading RSPB].  
19/11/21Cattle EgretNewtown NNR14A P Twyman
Flew in from the east, past the boathouse and continued west. Thanks to Steve Critchlow for pointing out where they were initially hiding.  
19/11/21Cattle EgretNewtown NNR15P Campbell
Minimum, probably 17-18, flew in from Hamstead in a very tight flock, low over the main channel and up into the trees at Brickfields,out of view on the Solent side. Sightings with AB & JB.  
17/11/21Cattle EgretNewtown NNR15D B Hale
Probably more, on the Estuary as the tide was rising, they flew SW at 7.45 before I could do a proper count.  
07/11/21Cattle EgretNewtown11T Jolliffe
All grouped together on a seaweed bank.  
05/11/21Cattle EgretLaundry Lane2T Jolliffe
[Brading RSPB].  
18/10/21Cattle EgretNewtown NNR16D B Hale
20+ Egrets were seen E. of the Boathouse, I counted 16 Cattle Egrets with some Little Egrets. They flew W. at 8.16.  
17/10/21Cattle Egretst catherines point niton1S Bird
seen in field with cattle then flew off after about 5 mins with 2 other birdwatchers. SZ594558.  
15/10/21Cattle EgretSt. Catherine's Point1G A Heath
Flushed from the East fields (unsurprisingly, where the cattle were) and flew West @ 08:03. [SCP].  
30/08/21Cattle EgretBrading Marsh1A P Twyman
With cows on field adjacent to "Green Bridge Pools". All sightings with Steve Smith. [RSPB Reserve].  
09/08/21Cattle EgretRofford Marsh2G Hadden
30/06/21Cattle EgretBrading Marsh1K Vine
On dead tree by river. [RSPB Reserve].  
03/05/21Cattle EgretBrading Marsh3P Campbell
With the cattle at Harbour farm (Found by CM), viewed from Culver. No sign of Purple Heron or Black stork between 0815 and 1030 on the marsh. All suitable areas Westward also 'scoped for the Stork, Morton common,Sandown Levels etc.etc. (With AB). [RSPB Reserve].  
03/05/21Cattle EgretBrading Marsh3S Bird
seen in field near metal trough with 3 other birdwatchers. TQ380460. [RSPB Reserve].  
04/01/21Cattle EgretFatting Marsh1D B Hale
Flew in around the cattle. Though to be 3 in the area now. [Brading Marsh].  
03/01/21Cattle EgretFatting Marsh3A Brown
[Brading Marsh].