Gaye Hobbs

Location: Ventnor

Recent sightings reported by Gaye Hobbs

24/06/22Barn OwlVentnor1G Hobbs
22.05 Barn Owl left roost site heading South after rain just eased.  
24/06/22Grey HeronVentnor1G Hobbs
06.45am Heron being chased in flight by Herring Gull.  
23/06/22Barn OwlVentnor1G Hobbs
Perched at roost entrance at 20.30 pm preening, flew off hunting at 21.50pm heading West.  
19/06/22Barn OwlVentnor1G Hobbs
21.15pm Perched at Roost entrance, alert & looking down & around for prey for 15 mins before flying off.  
19/06/22Barn OwlVentnor1G Hobbs
04.45am Returned to Roost site entrance, quick preen, then disappeared further into tree hollow & entered small crack in Cliff face to sleep.  
18/06/22Barn OwlVentnor1G Hobbs
Perched at Roost site entrance on Cliff face from 20.45 until flew off to go hunting at 21.45 heading into stormy weather.  
13/06/22Barn OwlVentnor1G Hobbs
03.30am Flying over back garden & briefly perched on Cliff face & then sat on top of telegraph pole alongside it's Roost entrance before flying East towards Ventnor Downs.  
12/06/22BuzzardVentnor1G Hobbs
05.30 am Sat on top of telegraph pole for 5 mins in back garden near Barn Owls cliff face roost while looking around then flew off over Ventnor Park.  
10/06/22Barn OwlVentnor1G Hobbs
06.00 am & 21.00 pm Barn Owl sat at entrance of tree hollow.  
09/06/22Barn OwlVentnor1G Hobbs
04.30 am Barn Owl flew onto roof of shed in back garden for a few minutes then flew & perched in Ventnor rock face in tree root hollow for @20 mins & fell asleep.  

Recent photos by Gaye Hobbs

Barn Owl
Barn Owl