Robert Pearson

Location: Cranmore

Web site: www.

Recent sightings reported by Robert Pearson

15/11/21Barn OwlCranmore1R Pearson
Calling close to the house. SZ394896.  
05/11/21OystercatcherCranmore1R Pearson
An unusual garden first! Flying around the garden less than 2 metres above the grass and being chased by a crow. SZ394896.  
24/10/21Grey WagtailCranmore2R Pearson
Next to the small pond by the house. SZ394896.  
24/10/21Barn OwlCranmore1R Pearson
Calling loudly close to the house. SZ394896.  
14/10/21Common ScoterYarmouth Pier6R Pearson
They were seen very closely from the ferry but would have been easy to see from Yarmouth hence the entry. Not admissible were the 3 Sea Eagles drifting together very low over trees at Beaulieu, but what a sight.  
12/10/21SwallowCranmore12R Pearson
Flying round the house but mostly landing and sunbathing. Joined by 6+ Willow warblers, 6+ Chiffchaffs, and 5 juvenile Pied wagtails. The roof was quite a sight. The house seems to be a magnet because once the sun is warm enough the walls and roof are covered with cluster flies. SZ394896.  
06/10/21Barn OwlCranmore1R Pearson
Calling outside window. SZ394896.  
03/10/21ChiffchaffCranmore1R Pearson
Think he must have lost his calendar as he was in full song in the garden! SZ394896.  
29/09/21HobbyCranmore1R Pearson
Flew low (about 8 feet) across the garden. SZ394896.