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Location: Cranmore

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Recent sightings reported by Robert Pearson

10/07/22Green WoodpeckerCranmore5R Pearson
All feeding together on the grass. Also had White Admiral, Silver-Washed Fritillary and Dark Green Fritillary in the garden. SZ394896.  
04/07/22SwiftAll Saints Church, Freshwater4R Pearson
4 flying about near church and Red Lion. Looked like 2 pairs as kept splitting into 2 twos and joining up into 4 again.  
30/06/22BlackcapCranmore2R Pearson
As before both singing but opposite sides of garden. SZ394896.  
30/06/22ChiffchaffCranmore2R Pearson
2 singing nearby in opposite directions. SZ394896.  
17/06/22SparrowhawkCranmore1R Pearson
A male through the garden and landed on trellis fence. This is the first in the garden for a very long time. Other years we have seen them every day. SZ394896.  
16/06/22ChiffchaffCranmore2R Pearson
One singing in left corner of garden and another singing in the right corner. They took it in turns! SZ394896.  
15/06/22Red KiteCranmore1R Pearson
Drifting very low above the adjacent field. The field was cut for hay yesterday. SZ394896.  
11/06/22Barn OwlCranmore1R Pearson
Flying round the garden and landed on the pergola a few feet from a window. Lovely views. SZ394896.  
08/06/22Barn OwlCranmore1R Pearson
Hunting in and around the garden for about 15 minutes. SZ394896.  
08/06/22BullfinchCranmore1R Pearson
One male in the hedge. SZ394896.  

Recent photos by Robert Pearson

Barn Owl
White-tailed Eagle
White-tailed Eagle
Little Egret