Balearic Shearwater

Recent sightings of Balearic Shearwater

04/10/21Balearic ShearwaterSt. Catherine's Point1A P Twyman
West at 14.10. Fairly distant. [SCP].  
04/10/21Balearic ShearwaterWheelers Bay20S Thompson
All West. 3 probable Manx Shearwater together. Other shearwaters too far out and against the sun to make identification possible. Large number of Gannets quite far out but not counted. SZ567775. [Ventnor].  
04/10/21Balearic ShearwaterSt. Catherine's Point2G A Heath
West. [SCP].  
04/10/21Balearic ShearwaterSt. Catherine's Point3G A Heath
Total (GAH, APT). [SCP].  
02/10/21Balearic ShearwaterWheelers Bay2P Campbell
Two more between 12.30 and 1.30 to add to the terrific total seen today, (NL,GH, et al). Perfect strong Southerly winds for watching. [Ventnor].  
02/10/21Balearic ShearwaterWheelers Bay1S Thompson
West. One adult Gannet West also. SZ567775. [Ventnor].  
02/10/21Balearic ShearwaterSt. Catherine's Point33G A Heath
West. Several small flocks. [SCP].  
29/09/21Balearic ShearwaterSt. Catherine's Point5G A Heath
West. Per Steve Smith. [SCP].  
28/09/21Balearic ShearwaterSCP5D Swensson
West between 17:10-18:00 also grey seal. [St. Catherine's Point].  
28/09/21Balearic ShearwaterWheelers Bay3P Campbell
Two positives West at 1710 and another about 1800 which was one that flew off from a group of five shearwaters sitting on the heaving sea by three fishing Gannets. [Ventnor].