Cattle Egret

Recent sightings of Cattle Egret

23/11/21Cattle EgretLaundry Lane11D B Hale
On the E. side of the Lane, another group flew over so more that 16 in total. Thought to be the group roosting at Newtown recently. [Brading RSPB].  
19/11/21Cattle EgretNewtown NNR15P Campbell
Minimum, probably 17-18, flew in from Hamstead in a very tight flock, low over the main channel and up into the trees at Brickfields,out of view on the Solent side. Sightings with AB & JB.  
19/11/21Cattle EgretNewtown NNR14A P Twyman
Flew in from the east, past the boathouse and continued west. Thanks to Steve Critchlow for pointing out where they were initially hiding.  
17/11/21Cattle EgretNewtown NNR15D B Hale
Probably more, on the Estuary as the tide was rising, they flew SW at 7.45 before I could do a proper count.  
07/11/21Cattle EgretNewtown11T Jolliffe
All grouped together on a seaweed bank.  
05/11/21Cattle EgretLaundry Lane2T Jolliffe
[Brading RSPB].  
18/10/21Cattle EgretNewtown NNR16D B Hale
20+ Egrets were seen E. of the Boathouse, I counted 16 Cattle Egrets with some Little Egrets. They flew W. at 8.16.  
17/10/21Cattle Egretst catherines point niton1S Bird
seen in field with cattle then flew off after about 5 mins with 2 other birdwatchers. SZ594558.  
15/10/21Cattle EgretSt. Catherine's Point1G A Heath
Flushed from the East fields (unsurprisingly, where the cattle were) and flew West @ 08:03. [SCP].