Lee Common

Grid Reference: SP902043

Recent sightings

30/06/24BlackcapLee Common 1D J Stone
Singing in the garden.  
30/06/24SparrowhawkLee Common 1D J Stone
Sat on the roof top eyeing up the House Martins.  
29/06/24Tawny OwlLee Common 1D J Stone
Pair raised two young in the garden Owl box.  
29/06/24MallardLee Common 1D J Stone
Female sitting on at least eleven eggs by the garden pond, first clutch was predated in the early Spring.  
29/06/24House MartinLee Common 1D J Stone
Brood of three fledged this morning. Two more nests built this Spring, bringing the total to eleven under ours & the neighbours eaves, nine of which are occupied.  
29/06/24RavenLee Common 1D J Stone
Over calling.  
29/06/24Lesser Black-backed GullLee Common 1D J Stone
Heading South West.  
29/06/24SwiftLee Common 9D J Stone
Drifted over North East.  
01/06/24Great TitLee Common 1D J Stone
Breeding in local farm yard.  
01/06/24House SparrowLee Common 1D J Stone
Breeding in local farm yard.