Grid Reference: SP851179

Recent sightings

19/07/24RedstartRowsham2M Wallen
An adult male and the juv/ fem from the 15th (Still not seen well enough to age).  
17/07/24RedstartRowsham3M Wallen
All adult males.  
19/07/24Lesser WhitethroatRowsham20M Wallen
Breeding. Approx this number, with c5 breeding pairs. 2 families encountered this morning both with adults and at least 3 young each.  
19/07/24SkylarkRowsham80M Wallen
Breeding. c25 pairs across 6 fields now have many fledged young on the wing. The best breeding I've seen here in 25years. 5 of these fields have stood idle since 2023, with no cultivation and no new crops. Just shows what can happen without intensive agriculture ! In addition 3 of these same fields have had Lapwing breeding activity.  
15/07/24RedstartRowsham4M Wallen
3 adult males, one of which is new, others still present and in moult. Another new bird in today, a juv/ female, not seen well or close, but probably a juv.  
15/07/24Pied WagtailRowsham15M Wallen
Breeding. At least this many with a minimum of 2 pairs breeding. Many fledged young and adults feeding in one particular paddock.  
15/07/24Meadow PipitRowsham10M Wallen
Breeding. 3-4 pairs have bred here in 2024. This morning 2 males were still singing from different areas, there were also a number of fledged young, at least 4 in one area.  
15/07/24Yellow WagtailRowsham6M Wallen
Breeding. At least this many in traditional breeding field, with 3-4 around known nest site including fledged young.  
15/07/24Little OwlRowsham1M Wallen
Breeding. Calling from traditional breeding territory.  
14/07/24OystercatcherRowsham1M Wallen
Flying over to the north-east, calling. Incredibly this is the 17th species of wader in my local fields this year ! .