Surrey county listing

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1J M Clark232First attempt. Need to research to check other species. Nearly all in outer Surrey.03/01/2021
=A Goddard232VC17 only - 30 additional species seen in Spelthorne. Also Savi's Warbler, Barnes WWT, 03/06/201802/06/2021
3G B Langley184I used to live in the Slough area so most of my records for Surrey emanate from that period. Recent visits for the buntings at Thursley rekindled my list. I have a number of birds on my list from Staines reservoir that do not appear on this list so I cannot enter them? Whiskered Tern, Wilson's Phalarope, Baird's Sandpiper?02/12/2020
=P Boult184 29/04/2022
5S Chastell149 18/04/2020
6R J Fuller88 27/02/2020
7S Kelsey80In and around the Milford, Witley, Thursley, Ockley, Bagmoor, Royal & Rodborough Commons sites only.29/06/2021
8C Gray472021 year list08/01/2021
9D Carlsson1 12/01/2019