Buckinghamshire bird news

Tuesday 30th September 2014

30/09/14RavenHughenden Valley, High Wycombe1R S Birch
30/09/14JayIvinghoe Beacon6M Wallen
Migrating. A flock of 5 flew over to the North -west, a single went East.  
30/09/14WheatearIvinghoe Beacon1M Wallen
30/09/14StonechatIvinghoe Beacon17M Wallen
Definates, but probably 19 ! An incredible number. I've never seen anything like this here.  
30/09/14BlackcapIvinghoe Beacon2M Wallen
Right on top.  
30/09/14Spotted FlycatcherIvinghoe Beacon1M Wallen
30/09/14Coal TitIvinghoe Beacon2M Wallen
On top of the Beacon with some Great and Blue Tits. Really unusual here. Not continental birds but possibly post breeding dispersal. QV Stonechats and Spot Fly.  
30/09/14Meadow PipitIvinghoe Beacon251M Wallen
c90 on the hill with 161 over to the South or South-West early morning. Most of the 161 were over in the first hour.  
30/09/14Song ThrushSteps Hill11M Wallen
Arrived/ over early morning, singles or pairs.  
30/09/14SwallowSteps Hill11M Wallen
Over, South.  
30/09/14GoldcrestSteps Hill20M Wallen
Approx, represented an obvious influx.  
30/09/14GreenfinchSteps Hill15M Wallen
30/09/14House MartinSteps Hill96M Wallen
Over in 4 flocks.  
30/09/14ChaffinchSteps Hill25M Wallen
Over early morning, mainly singles but a couple of very small flocks.  
30/09/14BramblingSteps Hill1M Wallen
Over early morning with the first decent move of Chaffinch, but still seemed early.  
30/09/14BullfinchIvinghoe Beacon1M Wallen
Over West.  
30/09/14JayMarsworth, Bucks1M Wallen
Flying North-East, clearly on the move.  
30/09/14PeregrineIvinghoe Village1M Wallen
Over, at the usual supersonic speed !  
30/09/14RavenRowsham1M Wallen
Thermalling over garden.  
30/09/14JayRowsham5M Wallen
Over South-West in one flock at lunchtime, clearly part of a large scale movement.  
30/09/14StonechatLodge Hill10M P Mckeown
Mostly top of gallop some down hedge toward Saunderton.  
30/09/14House MartinBletchley12A Marshall
Heading SE. SP8433.  
30/09/14BullfinchBroughton, Aylesbury1N Marriner
30/09/14Reed BuntingBroughton, Aylesbury1N Marriner
30/09/14StonechatBroughton, Aylesbury2N Marriner
30/09/14SparrowhawkBroughton, Aylesbury1N Marriner
30/09/14Meadow PipitBroughton, Aylesbury8N Marriner
30/09/14BuzzardBroughton, Aylesbury4N Marriner
30/09/14GoldcrestBroughton, Aylesbury1N Marriner
30/09/14KestrelBroughton, Aylesbury1N Marriner
30/09/14Red KiteBroughton, Aylesbury3N Marriner
30/09/14Pied WagtailWeston Turville Reservoir40P Stanford
At least 40 going to roost in southern reedbed.  
30/09/14KingfisherWeston Turville Reservoir1P Stanford
30/09/14Water RailWeston Turville Reservoir3P Stanford
30/09/14RavenBallinger3P Stanford
30/09/14ChiffchaffLee Common 1D J Stone
In the garden.  
30/09/14Tawny OwlLee Common 1D J Stone
Calling at 7-00am.  
30/09/14ChiffchaffQuainton Hills1T Watts
30/09/14JayQuainton Hills1T Watts
30/09/14Meadow PipitQuainton Hills20T Watts
30/09/14LinnetQuainton Hills60T Watts
30/09/14WheatearQuainton Hills2T Watts
Base Nrth slopes.  
30/09/14WhinchatQuainton Hills2T Watts
1 base Nrth slopes and 1 with 6 Stonechat base west.  
30/09/14StonechatQuainton Hills7T Watts
Didn't do tops but at base level found 6 together west slopes and 1 base east.(possible 8th scoped on tops)Most ever seen at this site, previous highest was 4. Often struggle to get 1 or 2 a year here.  
30/09/14WheatearHaddenham2C Young
male/ fem. On airfield.  
30/09/14Lesser Black-backed GullHaddenham46C Young
on airfield.  
30/09/14Red KiteHaddenham17C Young
over airfield.  
30/09/14Meadow PipitHaddenham11C Young
30/09/14LinnetHaddenham26C Young
30/09/14Corn BuntingHaddenham7C Young
30/09/14BuzzardHaddenham4C Young
30/09/14SwallowAshendon3C Young
Flying over.  
30/09/14RavenAshendon8C Young
30/09/14Meadow PipitStoke Common2D Ferguson
30/09/14StonechatStoke Common1D Ferguson
ad male.  
30/09/14Meadow PipitPump Lane, Marlow30A D Bassett
In paddocks.  
30/09/14ShovelerLittle Marlow GP5A D Bassett
30/09/14SnipeLittle Marlow GP11A D Bassett
west side of spit.  
30/09/14RavenLittle Marlow GP2A D Bassett
Circling over the north side.  
30/09/14PeregrineLittle Marlow GP1A D Bassett
Juv over the north side.  
30/09/14FirecrestLittle Marlow GP1A D Bassett
Still here - in the area north of the crossroads this morning calling frequently.