Mediterranean Gull

Recent sightings of Mediterranean Gull

03/12/21Mediterranean GullHorringford Pond3D Fairlamb
30/11/21Mediterranean GullMilitary Road200P Campbell
Estimated minimum. Reduced numbers from Chale onwards to Atherfield Coastguards.  
20/11/21Mediterranean GullBembridge Harbour6K P Duncan
19/11/21Mediterranean GullNewtown NNR10P Campbell
Minimum only, also the large flock was still on the fields West of Chale with HG,BHG and Common Gulls when we drove past, not counted.  
19/11/21Mediterranean GullRyde East Sands1K P Duncan
12/11/21Mediterranean GullMilitary Road, nr. Chale300P Campbell
Estimated minimum, mostly adults in the usual fields, firstly all over the huge winter wheat field west of Chale showground and others in the field just East of Compton Fields Farm opposite Shepherds Chine Clay shoot.  
03/11/21Mediterranean GullMilitary Road, nr. Chale300P Campbell
Minimum,widely dispersed over the crop field past Chale Showground, and fields both sides of the road along to Atherfield Camp.  
02/11/21Mediterranean GullMilitary Road283P Campbell
Accurate count on the deck.As usual almost wholly adults with just a few 2nd years. Close to Compton fields Farm ,Atherfield, local farm reservoir not checked but usually has bathing & preening birds.  
01/11/21Mediterranean GullSt. Catherine's Point260G A Heath
West. [SCP].  
29/10/21Mediterranean GullSt. Catherine's Point10J M Sparshott
Loafing or west. One 1cy. [SCP].